1784375345Anxiety follows you through the day.

Situations put you ill at ease. For some, it is triggered by crowds. For others, it’s feeling trapped in a small space. And some feel anxiety when all alone. Whatever triggers your anxiety feels irrational, and you can’t explain it.

Others have difficulty in their relationships and find it hard to get close to others or let them fully into their lives. You might hold back to avoid being seen, leaving the other person feeling you aren’t interested. Or you get defensive and push them away.

Trauma can result from big events like accidents, abuse, assault, or sexual violence. Or the subtle emotional trauma of a sustained negative environment.

However it manifests, you feel defined by your past.

You are sick and tired of feeling this way.

The lingering effects of physical or emotional trauma cast a constant shadow on your daily experience.

Your relationships, career, and enjoyment of life are all affected. You long for some peace of mind and a good night’s sleep.

It feels like there is something right under the surface that could erupt at any moment. You hope each day will be different and live in fear that something will trigger you.

Most days, you just feel it will never change.

“One critical aspect of trauma is the loss of connection – to ourselves, to our bodies, our families, to others, and the world around us. Whether trauma occurs as a single event or a series of events, it can result in a fundamental deregulation of the nervous system. It can happen slowly, over time, and so we sometimes adapt to these subtle changes without even noticing it.”
– Michael Picucci, Ph.D.

2032893089How it happened… and why it won’t go away.

You might not even remember the event…

Or its details may have faded…

But your body remembers.

Trauma frequently activates a fight-flight-or-freeze response, and that pattern gets lodged into your nervous system. If that “coding” isn’t cleared, we’ll respond that way whenever we encounter a situation that looks like the original trauma.

In other cases, you may have developed defensive strategies to cope with the trauma. While these were necessary and beneficial in the moment, they are no longer useful in your daily life. But now, they’re like automatic reflexes that you can’t seem to let go of.

Unresolved trauma can also (and often does) result in addictive behavior, as your system attempts to self-medicate and find relief from the shadows of trauma. Now an alcoholic or addict, you find yourself with two challenges – the original trauma and now the unhealthy habits.

I know you want more than this out of your life.

On one level, you just want some peace of mind. A full night’s sleep. And the freedom from the nagging mind chatter of negative thoughts, doubts, insecurities, fears, and anxieties.

You want to put the past in the past and move forward without its hold on you.

You want a clear mind and carefree thoughts that allow you to develop strong, intimate relationships. Build a successful career. Create a meaningful and fulfilling life that you truly love and enjoy.

228935302Depth Hypnosis heals trauma.

The good news – there’s nothing wrong with you. The right question is, “What happened to you?” When you understand that better, you can heal.

Depth Hypnosis is a unique approach to counseling and coaching. It combines modern hypnotherapy and transpersonal psychology with the ancient healing and spiritual traditions of Buddhism and Shamanism.

Understanding the trauma…

With Depth Hypnosis, we’ll tap into your subconscious and carefully bring you into contact with the root cause of your trauma to heal it at its source.

Using my voice, I will help you move into a more relaxed state beyond the chatter of your thinking mind.

In this relaxed state, we can explore how your past trauma is stored in your body.

Revisiting and healing traumatic experiences…

I will guide you through meditation to sense where that trauma is held in your body. This becomes the gateway to remembering the past experience related to your trauma.

You begin to find resolution as you consider this past experience with the knowledge you now have in your life. Seeing the past in a new light, you realize the beliefs you formed out of that event no longer serve you.

Restoring your nervous system…

Bringing love and compassion for your experience heals these old wounds so that you can shift outdated beliefs and transform the behaviors currently limiting you.

Over subsequent sessions, we use guided meditation and hypnotherapy to reinforce this experience and help your body fully release the trauma it held.

Tapping your inner wisdom for a productive life…

With the trauma released, you find ease, flow, and peace come back into your life. You are once again connected more deeply to your authentic self. With a clear idea of what you want in your life and no longer constrained by the shadows of trauma, you can create the life you truly want for yourself.

1509561056Diana lived in constant fear and worry.

Sometimes it crippled her daily life. Small physical ailments got exaggerated in her head into symptoms of major diseases. Whenever the smallest thing happened that wasn’t “part of the plan,” she immediately imagined the worst-case scenario.

The anxiety was ruling her life and stealing her joy.

Using Depth Hypnosis, Diana regressed to a moment in her early life when her mother had been threatened in their home. To protect Diana, her mother hid her away in her room. Diana could still feel now as an adult the terror her mother was feeling then.

Looking back on this experience, she could see that she had developed the coping pattern of always being on guard. If she could prepare for the worst case, nothing would be able to shock her again like that awful childhood experience. But instead of never feeling the shock, she was living in a constant state of worry and fear.

Over several successive hypnotherapy sessions, we reprogramed those beliefs in Diana’s subconscious.

We alleviated the fear, assuaged the worry, and moved beyond her childhood trauma.

1142618297Ben was molested by an uncle when he was a young child.

This same uncle subsequently taunted him for effeminate behavior. In so doing, the physical trauma of the sexual abuse was compounded by the emotional trauma of the shaming.

As an adult, he developed sexually addictive behaviors with endless hours of scrolling through explicit online content. He knew this robbed him of valuable time and distanced him from intimacy with his partner.

But he couldn’t stop.

Working together in Depth Hypnosis sessions, he regressed to those childhood experiences and assured his younger self that he had done nothing wrong. He told his younger self, “You are perfect just as you are.”

Reinforcing this message over time in subsequent sessions, he could end the addictive behaviors and separate the abusive experience from his sex life.

1014015235Pauline has been sober for 12 years, but…

She continued to fight the cravings that would result in a relapse. She came to me looking to move beyond those daily cravings.

Through our work together, she reconnected with her childhood abuse and feelings of never getting love from her mother. Her drinking was an attempt to numb those feelings. She had stopped drinking, but the childhood trauma was still haunting her.

In hypnotherapy sessions, she saw that her mother was troubled, and the abuse had nothing to do with Pauline. Regressing to her younger self, she could give herself the love and encouragement she so desperately wanted.

As the trauma healed, the cravings for a drink receded, and she could enjoy the full rewards of recovery.

To create your future, you have to heal your past.

You are so much more than your past, and a more fulfilling, productive, and enjoyable life experience is possible.

Your body is holding the trauma, but it also has the wisdom to heal you.

Let me help you move beyond how it’s limiting your life experience.

If you have questions or would like a free consultation to discuss the possibilities, call me at (415) 504-2675 or book online.

Note: All names and scenarios presented herein have been changed to protect client confidentiality.