Spiritual Seekers

617840372Maybe you’ve never done a silent meditation in a cave…

Or gone on a pilgrimage…

(Though cool if you have!)

But if you’re on a path of self-discovery, you’re a seeker.

And as a seeker, I know you’re open…

… to new ideas and approaches for achieving higher levels of consciousness.

A curious, life-long learner, you endeavor to be a better version of yourself. You might not have all the answers, but you keep asking questions – always learning and growing.

Attuned to the spiritual aspect of your life, you are aware of something greater at work in the world – a higher power or universal intelligence.

Sometimes trauma, major illnesses, or significant life events launch our spiritual Journey. For others, it emerges slowly over time.

However you find yourself here, you are in the right place!

1510165151Deep healing and long-lasting change…

As a seeker, you have already done a lot of work on yourself – therapy, workshops, countless books, too many podcasts to count, yoga, healing retreats… Name it, and you’ve probably tried it.

Yet, you haven’t fully gotten the results you want, and something is still not working in your life.

Relationships aren’t as deep as you would like. You still doubt and question yourself. Inner voices of criticism can hijack you. Old wounds can surface so easily. Some days you can’t stop the mind chatter.

While you might have made some progress, you know you will have to do deeper work to achieve the changes you want.

Here’s why Depth Hypnosis is perfect for seekers…

Depth Hypnosis leverages the ancient and spiritual traditions of Buddhism and Shamanism, empowering you to discover the healing and creative forces innate in your body’s wisdom.

Buddhism tells us that suffering is rooted in attachments, aversions, and ignorance. The culprit is what we cling to, what we long for when lost, what we avoid out of pain, and what we believe in error.

Shamanism provides us with tools to understand where your power has been compromised and how to restore that power. Power loss and soul loss result from trauma, and interference happens when energy that is not yours takes root in your own energy field.

These powerful systems become the basis for the work we do together.

1764983801And what happens in a session…

Using my voice, I will help you move into a more relaxed state beyond your thinking mind, where you can access your own intuition and deep wisdom.

Our first guided meditation will connect you to a deep and compassionate part of yourself that intends nothing but your greatest good. In Shamanism, we call this a “Guide.” The Shaman calls this inner experience of connecting with your guide a “Journey.”

We start each following session in conversation about your issue to help you connect with it emotionally. We use that emotion as the entry into a guided meditation to journey back to your Guide.

In the Journey, I will help you sense where that emotion is held in your body. This becomes the gateway to remembering the past experience related to your issue. Along with your Guide, we will explore this prior experience to understand what was going on for you at the time.

As you see the past in a new light and deeper understanding, you realize that the beliefs you formed from that event no longer serve you. The power or parts of your soul lost to the trauma of that event are returned. Energetic interferences are removed.

With your energy system restored, you find that you can now easily shift old beliefs and transform the behaviors that have been limiting you.

It’s a deep healing where transformation and lasting change happens at your spiritual core.

Going even deeper.

While the Shamanic Journey and working with your Guide is a source of healing and resolving what is blocking you, it is also a way to connect with your intuition and inner wisdom.

As you develop a deeper relationship with your Guide over the first sessions, we can begin to Journey to your Guide for insight and guidance into questions you might have about your current life experience.

In these sessions, we begin by developing your questions for your Guide. We will then journey to your Guide for insights into these inquiries. We will capture the information you receive and process that together once out of the Journey.

In this way, your Guide becomes a rich and ongoing source of healing, insight, and guidance.

1458773024Maya had done a lot of work on herself, but…

Something was holding her back.

She had read countless books, attended numerous courses and workshops, taught yoga, and sat in meditation daily. She was a spiritual seeker.

Yet, she still felt guilty for taking care of her own needs and struggled with self-confidence. Having failed as an entrepreneur, she was overly cautious and afraid of taking risks.

She knew something deep was at play, but she hadn’t been able to uncover it.

Her parents divorced when she was a child, and her relationship with her mother got increasingly difficult. Maya also felt abandoned in favor of her mother’s new husband.

Maya was in a state of power loss from continually looking for love and support from a manipulative, controlling mother. Through Depth Hypnosis, she reclaimed the power she had given to her mother. With this power loss resolved, she could see all the support that others had provided throughout her life – even from her mother.

She healed when she found forgiveness for her mother. Maya’s confidence returned, and she began to attract clients as her new business grew.

This is your chance to go further…

… and heal deeper.

I work with spiritual seekers just like you to get rid of what’s holding you back so you can navigate a more fulfilling, productive life.

There are deeper ways of knowing that will help you realize your potential!

If you have questions or would like a free consultation to discuss the possibilities, call me at (415) 504-2675 or book online.

Note: All names and scenarios presented herein have been changed to protect client confidentiality.