Executive Coaching

1727882452Leading is difficult.

And it doesn’t come easily to most people.

Sure, you’ve mastered the skills and competencies of your function. And you have a detailed understanding of your industry. But, the soft skills and capabilities of leadership trip you up and hold you back.

If you’re still reading, it’s a good chance you struggle with much of the following…

Instead of engaging in strategic leadership, you micromanage your staff and leave them feeling you don’t trust them.

You have plenty of great ideas but don’t have the confidence to share them.

Fearing you will make the wrong decision, you find yourself trapped in analysis paralysis.

Stuck in conflict avoidance, you sugarcoat feedback for your staff instead of providing clear and honest evaluations.

Ineffective at prioritizing and follow-through, your poor time management leaves you working long hours, but the important stuff is not getting done.

It’s difficult to motivate and inspire your team. You have no idea where to start in developing, coaching, and mentoring your staff.

You realize you’re sinking in your leadership.

Progress is stalled, and your team isn’t meeting its objectives. You’re frustrated at your inability to lead effectively.

The stress and anxiety of it all are starting to add up. Fear and self-doubt are beginning to consume you. You’ve lost yourself and can no longer access your best thinking.

Something has to change, and you know you can’t do it by yourself.

2134159835Michelle’s working seven days a week with no end in sight…

She’s the owner and CEO of an architecture design firm with 25 employees.

She’s also a perfectionist and often finds herself down in the weeds of running her business. She clings to control because she worries others won’t do it right.

To make things work, she’s beginning to think about the next stage of her company. Hopefully, she won’t be as involved in the day-to-day affairs when that time comes. But based on how she works today, she can’t imagine how that could be possible or what it might look like.

735135865Aaron’s overwhelmed by all the details…

He’s the founder and CEO of a design agency. The company is in its tenth year and just beginning to scale up and get some traction.

He has done it all for so long, involved in every decision. Now that the company is growing faster, remaining involved in every transaction and decision slows things down. Plus, it’s no longer sustainable for him.

Aaron is spiritually minded and wants to integrate that part of himself into his work and leadership. He also wants to develop his intuition as a resource for his business.

Whatever you’re facing… I’m here to help you do it better.

You might resonate with Tiana or Aaron or have your own leadership challenges. Whatever it is, I can help.

And we’ll do that using Depth Hypnosis, a mindfulness-based approach developed by Isa Gucciardi, Ph.D., that combines modern hypnotherapy and transpersonal psychology with the ancient healing and spiritual traditions of Buddhism and Shamanism.

Shed the beliefs that are holding you back…

We will start our work together by taking stock of where you are – your leadership strengths and where you struggle to lead effectively. We will get under the surface to understand the dynamics at work and the behavior patterns getting in your way.

Using hypnotherapy, we will work in your subconscious to transform what’s holding you back. This will give you the foundation to go even deeper in our work together as you begin to develop the basis for your leadership capacity.

1096928036Tap into your intuition and inner wisdom…

Next, we will use guided meditation journeys to connect with your inner wisdom and intuition. This becomes a rich resource for knowing yourself better, gaining clarity in your leadership, and making sound decisions.

Engage your creativity for inspiring leadership…

Have you ever found yourself in a creative flow? Normally, the flow state happens spontaneously and is difficult to initiate on-demand.

The guided meditation journeys of Depth Hypnosis are a way to enter that flow state whenever you need it. As such, you gain access to a deep well of creativity and your best thinking.

Discover your authentic and personal leadership capacities…

Through our work together, you will dissolve the patterns holding you back so that your natural and true leadership emerges. As you develop strong leadership capacities, your voice becomes clear and honest.

Grounded in your own wisdom, you have the confidence to lead from within. With your intuition as a resource and the ability to engage the creative flow state when you need it, you engage more easily with strategy and leave the execution to your team.

Your team is inspired and motivated by your leadership. They trust you, and together you move your organization forward.

1734213302Michelle found her clarity and stepped back.

Through guided meditation in Depth Hypnosis sessions, Tiana reconnected with past experiences of feeling trapped in her circumstances. As the oldest child in her family, she often felt alone and longed for an older sibling to help her navigate her overprotective parents’ unreasonable rules and unrealistic expectations.

Looking back, she saw they were just trying to protect her as best they could – in the only ways they knew. Their rules and expectations had nothing to do with her.

Since this discovery, her life has unfolded in amazing ways. Michelle has connected to moments of excitement, adventure, and freedom across her life. She found her clarity and made a plan to step back a bit in her company.

She promoted one of the three senior leaders on her team, ceding to her much of the responsibility for day-to-day operations. This freed Michelle to focus on the longer-term vision for the company and plan for her eventual retirement.

Aaron leveraged his intuition as a leadership resource.

Using guided meditation, we connected to Aaron’s inner wisdom.

Across many sessions, he sought clarity, insight, and guidance on his company’s challenges: marketing strategy, client relationship management, compensation plans, equity agreements, partner meetings, growth strategy, managing staff, delegating, and even an exit strategy.

He has stepped more fully into his leadership by empowering the team, delegating decision-making power, and finding his role in a growing organization.

Aaron has stepped back from the “go-to guy” for all the answers and decisions to a true leader. Now, Aaron has a calming energy in this high-performing, fast-paced environment. Beyond that, his company is thriving – growing 20% each of the last six months!!

Are you ready to find YOUR authentic leadership?

When you’re clear and confident, your authentic leadership capacities will emerge… and intuition and wisdom will become your compass.

Be the inspiring leader your teams need to be their best!

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Note: All names and scenarios presented herein have been changed to protect client confidentiality.