Depth Hypnosis

1674151522You want more out of your life.

Something is holding you back, and you sense your life would be so much fuller if you could just move past it. In the meantime, you just keep thinking and feeling …

My relationships could be deeper.

I’m not living up to my potential.

I long for more meaning in my life.

I want to be more connected to my authentic self.

Why do I withdraw and hold back instead of comfortably sharing myself vulnerably with others?

If only I could get past this anxiety and get over this critical voice.

Why is it such a struggle to achieve my goals?

Something is not working for you, and it hasn’t in a long time.

Growing more unsure of yourself.

Others can change, but you are still stuck in the same place. You just know you are meant to be so much more than this. You have probably tried a lot of things already. But nothing has given you the lasting change you are seeking.

It’s frustrating. You are sick and tired of not living up to what you envision for yourself. Over time, you have begun to doubt yourself and even wonder if you are deserving of the life you desire.

You lost track somewhere along the way and want to find your way back. You sense there is something deeper within you that you can’t quite reach.

204701533Evelyn always doubted her decisions…

Evelyn obsessed over every decision in her life. Considering all the options and looking at each choice from every angle left her confused. Even when she finally made a choice, she continued to question if she had made the right decision.

All this churn kept her in a constant state of anxiety. She worried that others would be upset with her decisions. Feeling that her choices were constantly being judged, she didn’t feel safe with other people. This dread at the prospect of disappointing others was her baseline.

Ultimately, she wanted to be in a relationship and start a family. But was so afraid of choosing the wrong mate and “being trapped” in an unhappy relationship that she was still single well into her 30s.

1022460316Jake feared abandonment, yet he kept pushing others away.

Jake appeared confident and self-assured on the outside. He was usually the first to speak and share his ideas in a meeting. Colleagues admired his initiative, and most felt they always knew what he was thinking – because he told them.

But inside, he was always worried that others would disappoint or abandon him. When it really mattered, he found it hard to speak up. He was afraid that people would either judge his ideas, not support him, or fail to provide what he asked. Often, he would defensively push others away to avoid the pain of being let down.

Jake understood that this tendency kept him from being vulnerable with others. And worst yet, it kept him from what he valued most – strong and deep connections with other people. He felt he could never really be the open and welcoming person he felt in his heart.

Depth Hypnosis: What it is and how it can help…

Depth Hypnosis is a unique approach to counseling and coaching. Created by Isa Gucciardi, Ph.D., Depth Hypnosis combines modern hypnotherapy and transpersonal psychology with the ancient healing and spiritual traditions of Buddhism and Shamanism.

Using Depth Hypnosis, we’ll transform the origins of limiting beliefs and counterproductive behaviors in your subconscious.

1266158485When you shift your beliefs, you transform your patterns of behavior.

We start each session in conversation about your issue to connect with it emotionally. We use that emotion as the entry into a guided meditation.

Using my voice, I will help you move into a more relaxed state beyond the mind chatter of your thinking mind. Here you can access your own intuition and deep wisdom. This is where everything you have ever experienced, sensed, or imagined is recorded – stored in your body.

I will guide you to sense where that emotion is held in your body. This becomes the gateway to remembering the past experience related to your issue. We then explore together this prior experience to understand what was going on for you at that time. You begin to find resolution to your issue as you consider this past experience with the knowledge you now have in your life – so that you see the past in a new light and with deeper understanding.

You realize the beliefs you formed out of that event no longer serve you. Bringing love and compassion for your experience heals these old wounds so that you can shift old beliefs and transform the behaviors currently limiting you.

Here’s what we’ll do…

In our first session, we will look back at the earlier years of your life for clues to the beliefs and patterns of behavior limiting you today.

The second session is the first guided meditation. That’s when we’ll connect to a part of yourself that has only your highest good as its sole intent. We call this a guide in Shamanism.

Then, from the third session onward, we will take an issue into the guided meditation and explore its origins for insights and resolution.

Let’s see how Depth Hypnosis helped Evelyn and Jake…

1743194672Evelyn’s mother had a lot of anger, creating a volatile childhood.

Through Depth Hypnosis, Evelyn saw the roots of her current indecision and fear of emotional intimacy. It was rooted in her dread as a child of being at the receiving end of her mother’s anger. Looking back at her childhood through a deeper awareness during guided meditation, she saw that her mother’s anger had nothing to do with her, and there was nothing she could have done as a child to prevent her mother’s rage.

With these realizations integrated, Evelyn is now engaged to be married and more confident in her career decisions.

Jake’s birth trauma created his fear of abandonment.

Using hypnotherapy in a Depth Hypnosis session, Jake regressed to his birth, where he was still in the womb after his twin brother’s birth. He was feeling intense separation from his brother and didn’t want to leave the comfort of his mother’s womb. Through guided meditation, Jake reconnected with the feeling of being in harmony with his brother in the womb, creating more ease and flow in his life.

Over several sessions, he began to open his heart, drop his armor, and find more trust in his relationships.

It’s time to realize YOUR potential!

Access your inner wisdom and find the stillness within yourself as a resource for navigating life more naturally and effortlessly.

This work can be overwhelming. I get that. And yet, across many clients, I’ve found that the fear of what might be hiding in their subconscious is always worse than the thing itself. And the journey through that is always worth it.

You are ready for change. You deserve this. I will be there beside you all the way.

Together, we will work through what’s limiting you and find a more balanced and fulfilling life.

If you have questions or would like a free consultation to discuss the possibilities, call me at (415) 504-2675 or book online.

Note: All names and scenarios presented herein have been changed to protect client confidentiality.