530197123You’re a creative – in mindset and being.

Obviously, right? After all, you just clicked on this link!

You might identify as “creative” if you’re an architect, designer, or artist.

But “creatives” can be so much more, using their gifts to influence and make change through imagining, conceiving, designing, or building a different world.

And sometimes that means just being you!

Do you see the world a bit differently from others?

You consider an issue or challenge from multiple perspectives. And are constantly redesigning the world around you in your mind.

As a creative, you love a problem. To you, it’s not another challenge to avoid but instead an opportunity to improve it or create something entirely new.

While others complain about what is wrong, you imagine a different and better world.

Or maybe you don’t fit easily into a particular box.

Creatives aren’t easily labeled. You know that feeling. By describing your work to others, they try to understand you through their limited context. But you never fit.

The path to your current role was probably not straight. Your education may have had little to do with your first job out of college. And each successive role had less to do with the one before. But here you are with this unique experience, and somehow it all makes sense… to you.

As a result, you need a different approach to coaching.

1690467910Depth Hypnosis is especially suited for creatives.

This approach engages the creative mind through guided meditation and visualizations. Quietening the chatter of the thinking mind, you can see beyond doubts, fears, and critical voices to access your intuition and deeper wisdom.

As a creative, you know that feeling of being in the flow. While it usually happens spontaneously or when you’re not trying to access it, you cannot initiate it on demand.

How would you like to enter that “flow state” whenever you need it?

At the foundation of Depth Hypnosis work are tools from Shamanism – an ancient and indigenous form of healing found in cultures worldwide rooted in altered states of consciousness (achieved through hypnosis and guided meditation in Depth Hypnosis).

Our first guided meditation will connect you to a deep and compassionate part of yourself that intends only your greatest good. In Shamanism, we call this a “Guide.” The Shaman calls this inner experience of connecting with your guide a “Journey.”

In subsequent sessions, we journey to your Guide for insight and guidance into your current work and life experience.

As such, the Shamanic Journey is a way to enter into a creative flow state… whenever you wish!

1561794796Depth Hypnosis is also a source of transformation and healing.

We use that same Journey to understand the beliefs and behaviors limiting what you otherwise want to create in your work and life. You know the thoughts and feelings of doubt, self-judgment, and critical inner voices that arise in the middle of an important project.

Using the catalytic processes of Shamanism and working with your Guide, you find the root cause of those thoughts and beliefs in your subconscious. There, you can transform those beliefs and shift patterns of behaviors to quieten those critical voices, move beyond self-judgments, and be confident in your talent and capabilities.

It becomes a resource for your leadership development.

Most creatives find themselves in leadership roles with little training or preparation to manage a team. You’re creative. That’s a given and has gotten you promoted into leadership. Now you need help developing your leadership skills.

In Depth Hypnosis, we journey to your Guide to access your deeper wisdom and use that as a resource for developing your own authentic leadership. You’ll build a relationship with your Guide and learn to journey with questions about your leadership role and the challenges you face.

With access to this deeper way of knowing, you develop the capacity to lead from within.

And it can be used for creative teams, too!

What we do as creative individuals can also be done in groups, resolving unproductive dynamics and exploring creative flow states together. Addressing challenges through collective guided meditation is like being in a photographic darkroom: Everyone notices a different potion of the picture as the image comes into view.

1909348753Craig is the VP of design for a major furniture brand.

Creative ideas just flow out of his head!! So many, in fact… that it’s hard for him to organize and present them in a way that gets his organization’s attention so that they get implemented.

He just couldn’t get air time for his ideas! Frustrated and feeling defeated, he began to doubt his creative abilities. He was at the end of his rope!

Working together, Craig shared his ideas and thinking in a stream of consciousness. I then organized his numerous thoughts and played them back to him. He often remarked, “Did I really just say all that? It sounds so brilliant!!”

With his creative ideas and thoughts organized, he could more easily present them to his boss. He soon found his ideas being adopted, and he earned respect as an important creative voice in his company.

1999114202Regina was stuck between jobs.

She was a successful and accomplished creative director, excited for her next opportunity. But she wasn’t making progress in her search.

Given her childhood, she suspected that a pattern of feeling ignored and disregarded was undermining her potential. Her mom gave her lots of responsibility, expecting her to take care of the adults in their life. Regina grew up taking care of others… but never feeling cared for herself.

Using Depth Hypnosis and guided meditation, Regina simulated a conversation with her mom, telling her how her childhood expectations were unfair. Her mom responded, noting that she only wanted to share Regina’s strength and loving heart with others. Regina could then express how that made her feel controlled and manipulated.

Understanding this pattern with her mother better, Regina was able to restore her self-confidence. In just a few months, she had a new job as a creative director, tasked with building an entirely new function within her agency.

Let’s unlock your creative potential!

Whether you want to work through personal issues in your life, gain career clarity, or develop your leadership as a creative professional, creatives of all sorts have found this work meaningful and beneficial.

You’re different than other professionals and need a coach who gets you as a creative. I’ll bring years of experience managing large design studios and working with creatives just like you. But most importantly, I’ll see you as the unique and creative individual you are.

If you have questions or would like a free consultation to discuss the possibilities, call me at (415) 504-2675 or book online.

Note: All names and scenarios presented herein have been changed to protect client confidentiality.