Career Counseling

232570309Have you stalled in your career?

You’re smart, talented, and passionate, yet you feel stuck.

You’re assigned another boring project reminding you there aren’t opportunities for you to grow and stretch in your role. Others advance as you remain in the same job. Workdays feel so long as you find the work more and more boring to do.

Once confident and assured of your talents, you now question your capabilities. Or worse, whether you even deserve to be in the fulfilling and rewarding work you yearn for.

1865657590Or maybe your job is sucking the life out of your soul.

It’s a drag to get out of bed and make it to work each day. Every morning you have to talk yourself into another day of this job. “This can’t last forever,” you think. But here you are, still in this same job.

It takes all your energy just to make it through each day. By the time you leave work, you don’t have the time or energy to do anything for yourself.

This job is beginning to consume your life. And it’s not worth it.

You KNOW you can do so much more!

As the days pass, you feel like you’re drifting further and further from meaningful work.

You want to be proud of your accomplishments and dream of fully utilizing your talents and skills. Having an impact with your work while creating something useful and affecting the lives of others is essential to you. All of this while creating a future for yourself.

The optimistic vision for your career you had right out of school is feeling further away.

You yearn for something better… if only you knew what and how.

2021632709Uma wanted to have a positive impact on her community…

But she was constantly questioning herself. There was always a voice in her head telling her she was “the dumbest person in the room.”

She had worked in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) for several years, but the environment was toxic. She was angry toward her boss and never felt properly supported in her role.

She loved the work, but the emotional weight of it was overwhelming. It drained her… day in and day out. So, not only was she always doubting herself, but she was too exhausted to even think about how to make a change.

Uma wanted to keep doing what she was doing professionally… but without paying the high price personally.

This is where I come in…

I help you understand what is blocking you from fulfilling work.

We’ll tap into your intuition to discover your true career path.

Together, we’ll chart a path to more productive, rewarding, fulfilling, and meaningful work.

1970429252For Uma, finding her path meant healing the past.

Working together, Uma realized that she sabotages herself by fixating on what can go wrong and loses perspective with what is happening in the moment. In guided meditation, she could see beyond her mind’s chatter about her current situation and understand her role in the dynamic with her boss.

Those voices of doubt in her head kept her in perpetual fear of being exposed as dumb, so she avoided speaking up to share her ideas. This left her boss feeling she wasn’t performing fully, creating a self-fulfilling loop.

Using Depth Hypnosis, we found the origin of this inner voice in her childhood. She grew up different from the other children in her neighborhood, so she often felt she didn’t measure up. Looking back, she could see that this belief was invalid and had no value in her life today.

With this clarity, she affirmed that she loves DEI work, but the organization she was in wasn’t for her. Together, we crafted a vision for her career and the kind of organization where she would thrive.

Today, Uma is leading DEI at a small biotech firm, doing great work on a supportive team – just as she envisioned!!

1212506086Let’s get some traction and move you into work that feeds your soul.

My 3-month program is designed to support each step of your journey to a fulfilling career.

Understanding what’s holding you back…

We’ll start our work together by taking stock of where you are – what’s working in your current job and what more you want out of your career. We’ll get under the surface to understand the dynamics at work and the behavior patterns getting in your way. Throughout the program, we will use Depth Hypnosis to transform what’s holding you back.

Creating a vision for your career…

As we establish a foundation, we’ll begin using guided meditation journeys to connect with your inner wisdom and intuition. You’ll move beyond any internal doubts and judgments to discover and connect with what you really want out of your career.

Developing a plan to realize your vision…

With a new vision for your career, we’ll set goals and craft a path for your desired career. Along the way, you’ll discover and address what’s been blocking you from reaching your goals.

Getting support as you execute your plan…

Finally, as you begin to execute the steps on your plan, I am there to support you along the way: refining your plan, preparing for interviews, evaluating choices, and making decisions. I’m your partner all the way!

Let’s unlock your career potential… together.

You are worth it and deserve this investment in yourself. Take this step, and I will believe in you until you can yourself.

Rewarding, fulfilling, and meaningful work becomes possible with an inspiring vision for your career. It’s how you’ll realize the purpose-driven life you so desire.

Let’s do this! Give me a call at (415) 504-2675 or book online to schedule your free consultation.

Note: All names and scenarios presented herein have been changed to protect client confidentiality.