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Online Coaching and Counseling for Getting Unstuck

Something is holding you back.

That much is clear. But it’s less clear how to change that.

It seems like you’ve tried everything – therapy, workshops, courses, 12-step groups, self-help books, podcasts, TED talks, yoga, meditation – yet nothing seems to make a difference.

No matter how much work you put in, none of it amounts to lasting change.

You want to make a change.

At your core, you know that life can be better.

There are moments when you sense that your goals – a healthy relationship, a fulfilling career, respect as a leader, a peaceful mind, joy in your being – are within reach.

But you feel blocked from achieving them. Past failures define you and hinder your progress.


It’s a struggle to lead.

Balancing your management responsibilities with your creative talents is a constant battle.

Instead of providing strategic leadership, you micromanage your staff, leaving them feeling like you don’t trust them.

You have great ideas but don’t have the confidence to share them. Progress is stalled; your staff feels unsupported. No one is happy, and you are frustrated at your inability to lead effectively.

This isn’t the career you imagined.

It’s noon on Monday, but it already feels like the end of day Thursday. Email is overwhelming. Your assignments are uninspiring.

Unfulfilling hours become days that fade into months. Now, you find yourself here, years later, wondering where the time has gone.

This job is sucking the life out of you. You yearn for meaningful work that you can be proud of, but you don’t know what that work would be or where you would find it.


Reconnect with your authentic self.

You sense the power to change and heal lies within you.

The answers you’re looking for are just under the surface if
you could only access them.

Let me help you quiet your mind, trust your gut, and
listen to your inner wisdom for a more productive,
fulfilling, and meaningful life.

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Hi, I’m Barry.

And I want to help you connect with your own inner resources for healing and guidance.

It is my mission to help people just like you transform limiting situations, beliefs, patterns, and behaviors into a more fulfilling, flourishing, and joyful state of being.

I hold a safe and compassionate container for your work with me so you can connect with a deep and loving part of yourself as a source of insight and healing.

I listen deeply, hold your highest good, and see the possibility for you, even when you cannot yet see it yourself.

Let’s heal what limits you.

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The life you imagine is possible!

Transform your limiting beliefs and shift your habitual behaviors.
Discover new ways of knowing. Find your path forward.

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